PEP's Micro-businesses

Micro-businesses are defined as enterprises with five employees or less that require a minimum of seed capital.

Our micro-businesses are run solely by PEP staff and PEP members. These micro-businesses teach our members money skills, valuable lessons about business, responsibility, and allow them to receive wages for their time and effort.


Programs for Exceptional People currently runs two micro-businesses in house. 

An established and successful micro-business, including a store and studio. Members spend their days creating beautiful ceramic pieces to sell in the store, at the Bluffton Farmers Market, and at other local venues.

PEP Ceramics

Our hard-working and experienced lawn crew is made up of members who are trained to take on any lawn maintenance or home owner task for a very reasonable price.

PEP Lawn and Home Care Service
PEP's Lawn and Home Care Service